Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Now who's going to clean this up?

Deb was at the Institute Building last night after a long day. She was finishing up some homework and decided to stay after and clean up a little bit. She noticed she had missed a spot the night before when she was cleaning. Not her most ideal activity for a Tuesday night, but that's fine.

Meanwhile, other people were there too, including Alex, Masin, Matt, and Paul. Slowly, though each one got up to go, one at a time, except for Alex who barricaded herself into the storage closet where all the chairs are. She said it was some kind of Sanctuary or something of hers.

Anyway, so Deb was essentially alone at the building. Athens was pretty quiet because of the werewolf scare, so things were just eerie. Once she finished what she was doing, she grabbed her Witch's broom, her Scribe's notebook, and went around to make sure all the lights were off. That's when she saw her attacker.
"What?? It's you?" she asked. 
 She wasn't discovered until Bro. Bradley came in the next morning.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Mob Song

The few remaining townspeople were gathered together. They had pretty much figured out who the culprit was and they were deciding what to do about it.
"Well, I've hunted werewolves and I've seen what they can do," said someone. "He'll make off with your children."
There was a gasp in the crowd.
"He'll come after them in the night!" said another. 
"Yo. We don't have kids—"
"We're not safe until he's dead!" 
"He'll come stalking us at night!"
"Set to sacrifice our children to his monstrous appetite."
"—Why are you rhyming?—" 
"He'll wreak havoc on our village if we let him wander free!"
Then the leader sang, "So it's time to take some action, boys. It's—" now really belting it, "TIIIME TOOO FOOOLLOOOW MEEEEEE!"
Pretty much everyone followed him, except for one person. He had no idea why people were starting to break out into song. They should be scared and stuff, not trying to figure out rhythm and rhymes and stuff. Weirdos.

The mob made their way to Kyle's house and banged on the door. He answered. "Yeah?"

Everyone just sort of stood there. They suddenly remembered that in Beauty and the Beast, this is where they start to get attacked by the silverware and furnace and stuff. They suddenly also remembered that they were pretty similar to the bad guys in the movie.
"Uhh. Hey, Kyle. Are you a werewolf?" asked the leader.
"Yeah. Why?"
"Can you, like, stop?"
"I—I'm not sure. I'm kind of the Jester too, so I can't really decide for myself. Is Masin here?"
"Yeah, I'm right here," said Masin.
"Should I stop?"
"Okay. I'm done then."
The mob went back to the Institute Building. "Well, that was easy," someone said.  They never really did see Kyle again.

What they didn't know is the one person among them was secretly hiding their new identity from the rest of the group. Little did they know that there is one more werewolf out there. Little did they know of the threat still upon them…

* * *

Here were today's votes:
Kyle: 2
Deb: 1

Monday, April 14, 2014

…and some makeshift plumbing too

So it's been one week. In just seven days, the townspeople have gone from completely oblivious and incredulous to the werewolves' existence, to now completely paranoid, not to mention less than half the numbers. It's amazing what a pack of werewolves can do in a few days. Actually, it's amazing what love can do in a few days.

At this point, everyone is well aware there are werewolves running about. And this knowledge is clearly shown in the transformations the town is undergoing. Shops were closing and boarding up the windows, schools were called off with a warning to the children to not leave home, and police cars slowly and ominously roamed the neighborhoods.

Matt was sitting at home, alone. No one was out playing sports of any kind so he was basically out of a job until the werewolves were finished off. He didn't mind too much—there were a lot of shows he had to catch up on on Netflix.

As he scrolled through the TV shows he told himself he'd watch when he had the time, he couldn't help but thinking about the day. Just that morning, he was out for a jog (a little dangerous, yes, but he figured he could handle himself), and he saw sirens at the end of the street. When he got there, there were about half a dozen cop cars surrounding Deb in the middle of the street. She was out seeing if she could get some beef at a store, but for some reason, someone thought she looked a little suspicious. She was hauled off to the Dungeon and Matt didn't see her for the rest of the day.

So, back at home, showered, and again on the couch, Matt sat pondering the week's events. He decided he probably wasn't safe. If people are being arrested in the middle of the street for no reason, he figured the cops probably won't be able to help him if a werewolf attack did come. He headed for the woods behind his house and started digging.

An hour, several 2x4's, some electrical wiring, food rations, camouflaged cover, hidden traps, and one rifle later, Matt was set. He decided to take care of things his own way if things had to come to that point. He had built himself a Sanctuary and was not going to leave it until he or the werewolves were dead.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Soloist

Alex was brought forward in front of the podium at the Institute Building.

A smaller group of people were gathered there this time. They had lost a lot of friends the day before in freak accidents that mostly involved people dropping dead. Most of them didn't even know that could happen.

As Alex moved her way forward, she saw people with torches and pitchforks giving her dirty looks and gesturing with their fingers across their throats. Things looked grim for Alex.
"Alex", said the guy in charge, "you have been hereby called to be the branch choir soloist. All those who would like to support Alex in this calling, please do so by raising the right hand."  
Several people did. At that moment though, a small smile crossed Alex's face.
"Any opposed?"
At that point, Alex raised her hand. There was a bit of chuckling among the group. But Alex spoke,
"Me. I don't want to do this."
"Well of course you don't. That's the worst cal— 
"In fact, I don't have to because I'm… a Prince!"
 There was an awkward pause in the group.
"Uh…Alex, you're a girl. You can't be a Prince—"
"Fine, then a Princess! Whatever. Anyway. I don't have to do this. But, someone has to!"
She walked around the room slowly, looking at everyone around her.  People suddenly felt awkward holding the torches, and quickly put them out in the bathroom. Alex reached her decision.
"What? Why me?"
"Because word on the street is that you have a great singing voice and stuff. I don't know."
 The guy in charge, stood up again and spoke again.
"It has been proposed that Marcos be released as the Traitor and the Doppelgänger and be called to be the branch choir soloist. All in favor please raise your hands."
Only Alex raised her hand.
"That's all I need," said the guy in charge.
But at is turns out. Marcos did have a great singing voice. Almost immediately after his first time singing, he was whisked away to Broadway and he never stepped foot again in Athens. Weird how stuff like that happens, isn't it?

* * *

Here were today's votes
Alex: 4
Marcos: 1
Deb: 1

Saturday, April 12, 2014

So much for smelling the roses!

Paul had had a pretty good day. He worked out for about 7 hours early in the morning, went and ate 3 pounds of bacon, and did another 5 hour quickie workout. Things were going pretty well for him.

He had somewhere to be that night, so he decided to jog there. Besides being a great cardio workout, he decided he needed to stop and smell the roses more and enjoy Athens more.

He was jogging down a side street when he thought he heard someone behind him. He didn't like people running behind him, so he slowed down a bit to allow the other person to pass. What he saw pass him was not what he expected: a small group of werewolves. Weird.

What he saw after that was certainly unexpected. Brandon, who was getting the mail nearby, was suddenly jumped by the two werewolves! What the heck? Uhh, that was weird. I mean, you'd think with all the Knight armor on, he'd've been protected. Apparently not. Paul quickly caught up to him, realized he was too late. He also saw a bunch of vials, similar to those an Apothecary might use, strewn and broken all over the ground, the unknown potions' gases slowly spiraling upwards. Bummer, Brandon.

Before he could even realize what had just happened, over the hill, Paul saw Carlos coming. Paul always knew Carlos' distinctive van from the crunched end and the fact that it's covered in mirrors. Apparently, Carlos had taken up a new hobby of trying to be a Mirror Maker. Paul could also see Carlos' Magician's wand hanging from the rearview mirror.

At the same time, Laura came up the hill from the other way. Her car was still plastered in "Vote Laura for Governor" bumper stickers. Her rearview mirror, however, was covered in weird dolls with pins and needles in them. It was the first time he had heard of a Relief Society President who was an unapologetic Voodooist.

Anyway, they both came screeching to a halt where Paul stood over Brandon's body. They both looked extremely worried and upset over Brandon's death. I mean, Paul was taking it hard and all, but  these two were crazy. How did they even know he was already dead? They both got out of their cars, took one look at Brandon, and promptly died. Brandon was a really good friend to some people, Paul guessed.

At this point, Paul was a little freaked out. He had just witnessed an attack on Brandon, not to mention two others kicking the bucket. Not your typical walk in the park. Remembering which way the werewolves went, he stormed after them, running as fast as he could to catch up to them.

He saw them, back as their human selves, on the next street over. Apparently, they were thrilled now that the deed was done. Paul, with a burst of effort, launched himself at them and landing a flying sidekick in both their backs.
"Oww!" said Men, from the ground. "What was that for?"
"Yeah man," said Meighan, starting to get back up, "watch out."
Paul couldn't take it anymore.
"Me, watch out? Hello, you two just killed Brandon over there! What are you thinking?"
Men suddenly looked upset. Paul didn't care.
"Plus, Brandon apparently was BFFs with Carlos and Laura, and now they've dropped dead too!"
Now Meighan was starting to look upset. Paul had no idea why though. They seemed like they were fine with it when the attack happened.
 "So…", Men asked, "Brandon's dead?"
"Shoot. Well that stinks," said Men. "We got the orders from the rest of the pack to go get him. I'm what they call the Brute, so they like to send me to do their dirty work. I'm new around here though, so I'm Innocent. Anyway, I totally forgot Brandon and I hung out and got pizza last night and, well…"
He keeled over and promptly died. Paul heard the distinct laughter of a Witch somewhere behind him. It gave him the creeps.

Meighan, who had gone over and sat on the curb, was about to cry.
"I'm the Alpha Wolf," she said through sobs. "I've done a lot of bad stuff and I'm totally okay with the dead. I mean, I'm a licensed Coroner and everything. It's just… I didn't think Carlos would be involved in this kind of stuff. He's my… y'know…"
Ugh, Paul thought. Romance.
She promptly died.

Paul, was standing alone now. What a strange day. The police soon came and, after giving a quick testimony, he was free to go.

Paul finally finished his jog and headed to the Institute Building. He needed a Sanctuary such as this to help get over what he had just experienced.

Friday, April 11, 2014

The First of Many

Stephanie was at home. It had been a strange day indeed. More rumors of werewolves, but no actual proof. People have been throwing accusations all over the place. She didn't want to be a part of it though. She's a Texans—Texans have a reputation to live up to.

She sat down at her oak desk in her study and examined the various pictures all over the walls. Most of them were of her holding hands or under the arm of various strapping men. They were on the beach, hiking the mountains, or—she doesn't quite remember the story behind one—touring the Dominoes Headquarters. Each one had his own fun memories, but little did they know she was an Apathetic Lover.

Meanwhile, a dozen people or so were at the Institute Building, all arguing over the existence of werewolves. Most were dubious. It's kinda like Bigfoot, where there's just not enough hard evidence. Others compared it to a chupacabra, where anytime someone thinks they find one, it's on CNN—not because it's real, but because they want to make the person look like a lunatic.
"What about the attack on Laura?" someone said.
"Hel-lo!" said Laura. "I'm right here! Obviously I wasn't attacked by werewolves." 
It was a pretty mild debate. Though, a few accusations did go around. People quickly dismissed them though. There's no way anyone there could be a werewolf.

Stephanie, meanwhile, reached down to the secret drawer in her oak desk. She pulled out a leather case of some kind. She procured an ancient key from the pocket of her jeans and opened the lock on the case. Inside, she saw the familiar sight of an old pocket watch. Hypnosis, contrary to popular belief, isn't that silly garbage like what you see on stage, she thought. Some even claim to use it for medical purposes. She actually laughed out loud at that as she grabbed a rag and started to polish the old watch. No, she thought, only real Hypnotists like myself truly understand the power that comes—

Suddenly, something flashed past her window.

Stephanie froze. What in the world could move that fast, she thought, and why in the world was it outside my window? She carefully set down the rag and pocket watch and slowly walked towards the window. After opening it, she stuck her head out the window. She looked back and forth outside and saw nothing. Just as she was about to dismiss it as some parcel-delivering owl of some kind, she saw it! Just before it turned the corner of the building next door, she saw the figure of a man. Or was it a beast? One thing she knew though, was that it looked like…

Back at the Institute Building, people had long dismissed the idea of werewolves. Surely a person that can turn into a beast is a thing of fiction. People were casually eating food left over in the kitchen and playing ping pong when suddenly, Stephanie burst into the room.

"Men!" She cried. "I saw Men outside my window!"

People stopped what they were doing. "Did you call the police?" someone asked. "If there are creepers, and a lot of them—"

"No!" Stephanie interrupted. "Not men. Men! I saw Men Do outside my window. Guys, Men is a werewolf!!"

All eyes turned to Men, who was sitting in one of the couches. "Uhh, hey guys," he said. "Um. Well, obviously I'm not a werewolf. I was sitting here the whole time."

Some people were able to vouch for that, but others couldn't since they were busy playing other games like Mafia. Whether Men had actually run past Stephanie's window or not, no one could say for sure.

Marcos turned to Stephanie, "I see the werewolf is first to accuse."

Brandon, with sunglasses on so one one could see who he was talking to, said, "Said the werewolf…"

Marcos, glad he was getting some support said, "See, Brandon knows what's what."

Stephanie, incredulous that no one believed her, said loudly, "I'm telling you it's true! Why would I turn on my own?"

People were more focused on the exchange between Marcos and Brandon though. While Stephanie was accusing Men of being a werewolf, Marcos was accusing Stephanie, and Brandon was accusing Marcos. Brandon said, "Yup. Marcos just admitted."

Stephanie, "Ugh nope."

"He's one," Brandon said, removing the sunglasses finally so people could see who he was talking to.

Marcos, finally understanding the accusation, said quietly and slowly backing away, "I thought you meant steph and your that probs makes you one."

Men, who was bewildered at the accusation from the beginning, was grateful the attention was being drawn away from him. "You wouldn't turn on your own. Since I'm not a werewolf though, I wonder what that says about you," he said, looking at Stephanie.

Stephanie, so frustrated at everyone's responses, pointed a finger at Brandon, "You too! Laura saved you cuz you are lovers, Brandon!"

Brandon, meanwhile, was doing something on his phone, not really paying attention anymore. Frustrated at the tiny keyboard, said, "I type fast enough—I mean, I can't type fast enough. Now everything I said is out of context. I'm done." He noticed everyone looking at him and realized he had just spoken out loud to his phone. Awkward. Not sure what to do, he got his things, and left, saying, "Enjoy the accusing."

Stephanie just smiled.

This new chain of events, however, caused everyone to start talking about werewolves again. They were huddled like football players, occasionally, looking up at Stephanie. Deb asked once, "Steph. Are you traitor?"


Most of the people didn't believe her. By the end of the night, they had approached Stephanie and told her she was no longer welcome there anymore. The group didn't like werewolves, nor did they like people that accused others of being a werewolf. Stephanie, completely outraged, stormed out of the institute building, and was never seen again.

* * *

Here were today's votes:
Stephanie: 5
Carlos: 2
Men: 2
Kyle: 1

Thursday, April 10, 2014

What's with the pizza??

Another day in the allegedly werewolf-infested village of Athens. Strangely enough, it seemed like a quiet day. After the protestors returned to their homes Tuesday night, they remained fairly quiet since then. After all, there still was no proof that the werewolves were real.

That doesn't mean they're not there though…

Our four werewolves were gathered in a dark corner in the leader's apartment. The curtains were drawn, and they discussed their evil plans in hushed tones.
"Our previous attack didn't go through," the leader in a raspy voice. "We need to do better."
"I agree," said one of the cronies. "Although I don't understand why we're whispering—no one else is here righ—"
"Enough!" He was cut off. "We must plan better. Apparently we're out of practice."
Once their devious plans were made, the immediately set them into action. They headed off towards the nearest Waffle House first—I mean, even werewolves like Waffle House! Just as they left though, a cop pulled up and arrested Carlos, exclaiming wildly, "To the Dungeon with you! Bwahaha!".

Weird cop, they thought.

They then went to the Institute building real quick because one of them left their cell phone there. Brandon was there, sleeping, with a sign on him saying, "Do not disturb." They presumed he'd be in this little Sanctuary all day.

Anyway, once the werewolves had their errands run, they realized weird things were happening to them. It seems like just as they went to attack someone, a large bus came, obscured the victim from view, and by the time it left, the victim was gone. As they were getting near to another, one of the stepped in gum and totally ruined their shoes. That stopped them for a while. One time, they passed a Pizza place on the way, and had to get some. I mean, for real. Weird things like that happened unusually often.

Anyway, they decided to go home. Foiled by the strange forces of the villagers, they went home once again victim-less, though not particularly hungry this time.